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Solo Travel Tips for Women

Solo travel is useful especially for women, they help in developing independence, self-love, and confidence. Lack of travel partners should never stop you from exploring the world. Here are tips that will guide you when planning for that solo female travel:

Stay Confident

A solo female traveler can be easily intimidated by strangers compared to male travelers. You have to be confident to remain comfortable and calm at all times. Confidence will make you be able to trust your choices and face whatever comes your way.

Solo travelers who look confused attract unnecessary attention, people will notice you’re lost. Walk as if you know where you’re going and if you have to ask for directions do it with confidence. In difficult situations trust your judgment or seek help.

Learn Basics about the Locals

Not being able to blend in can be a disadvantage to many solo travelers not only women. It is important to learn a few things about the locals so that you don’t have to always look like a tourist. Start by learning some words like asking for basic needs and directions.

This is useful especially when you’re getting services, it prevents you from getting ripped off. Most locals respect tourists who have made an effort to learn one or two things. Try to carry yourself and dress like the local women. Avoid outfits that definitely show you’re a tourist. If the locals dress conservatively, dress the same, that way you’ll not be singled out.

Enjoy Responsibly

One thing you should never forget is that this is a solo trip. The rule of thumb is to avoid overindulging. Alcohol can be both a friend and an enemy of solo travelers. Enjoy a drink with a fellow traveler or local but don’t take too much you might end up being vulnerable and people taking advantage.

If you meet people they usually want to invite you for a few drinks, a night out or a party. Always be aware of your surrounding and drink moderately. For you not to get drunk easily, have a bottle of water to neutralize alcohol levels. If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable in a club, the bartender is the best person to approach. They will get you help once they realize you’re in danger.

solo travel for women

Travel during the Day

Traveling at night especially to a new place is not always a good idea. In a new place at night even the familiar areas can make you look lost. A female tourist will attract a lot of attention at night than during the day.

It’s almost impossible to ask for directions at night because you don’t know who to trust. If you have to travel at might use a safe means of transport. Several online cabs are safe depending on your location. In case you don’t feel safe there’s an option of writing an automatic message about your safety.

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Tips for Finding Cheap Flight Prices

Love to travel? Everybody does. However, after using air travel for a while, you’ll realize it is expensive. Finding cheap flight prices is not as hard as it seems. To do that, you have to be smart and flexible. Flight charges often vary depending on the season and the times of the day. Festive seasons have many individuals traveling to meet their friends and families or just for vacation. Most people tend to travel between early morning hours and late afternoon hours on regular days. These are peak business travel hours, and flights tend to be more expensive during these times due to high demand. Traveling when the least people are traveling is best for cheaper flights.

Here are more useful habits to help you get affordable flight rates.

Be Flexible

airport schedule
If you choose to travel during times when many individuals are too, you must be prepared to pay higher ticket prices. The more flexible you are, the easier it is to catch cheap flights. It is advisable to travel several days before holiday dates and several days after when returning. These times are less busy than the holiday dates themselves. Furthermore, it is cheaper to travel in the middle of the week than on weekends and during early morning hours (5-7 AM) and in the evening than during peak business hours. Be on the lookout for price fluctuations throughout the month and discounts on ticket prices.

Consider Stop Overs

In certain cases, booking a flight that has stop-overs can be more economical than making a continuous flight. The difference in the prices between both scenarios would enable one to make the appropriate decision on which option would be best affordable. Patience is vital in some situations; it requires one to wait several hours before boarding the next plane when making connections. Nonetheless, if you’re interested in saving the extra cash, you’ll need to be patient.
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Use Many Flight Search Engines

Certain websites show when the flights are cheapest. Others are tour companies as well, and they give offers on tour packages. These also allow you to travel cheap. Flight search engines are what you would go for almost immediately. Ensure that the search engines you choose direct you best. You should look through many different sites to compare the prices of flights. With time and practice, the art of finding super affordable flights can be mastered. It is important to use sites that include flight prices for budget carriers.

The biggest barrier to traveling by air is affordability. If traveling were free, we would be visiting new cities often. Finding affordable flights is the next best thing to that. This will encourage more traveling and tourism, which will give the economy in the world a boost.


How To Buy The Best Travel Suitcase

Whether you are traveling on business or holiday, a choice of the best luggage case is crucial to protect your stuff. With many options on the market today, it can be difficult to select a suitable one. However, one can get a convenient option with the right tips. The following tips will help you achieve the best.

Tips for buying the best travel suitcase

Check the size

airline baggage carrierConvenient travel is about striking a balance in the size of the luggage case you carry. One that conveniently takes all you need for the stay is a better option. Thus, one needs to consider the size with caution. A too big choice will not only inconvenience in the carriage but can disorganize the arranged belonging due to unutilized space. On the other hand, a too small option may force you to leave out some items or carry second luggage.

The exteriors

Today, the manufacturers have gone a step further to provide extra protection to your staff by creating the hard shell suitcases. However, either hard or soft option have both pros and cons. The soft bags can fit well into compartment if you are on a freight most of the time while the hard ones will offer protection if you are anticipating to use have it stacked in common cabins during travel. This is a debatable issue to be left to preference, though.

The interiors

Most business people will travel more with documents, electrical devices and computers than clothes. Therefore, a suitcase with organizer compartments will keep them in position. However, people on holiday will need more clothes thus one with a large inner space will work better. Therefore, buyers must inquire about the interiors to avoid disappointments on the packing day.

The wheels and handles

Woman near trainIt would be logical to argue that a big suitcase will need larger and stronger wheels and handles. However, all bags need to have them strong enough to withstand all the pressure and strain. Ones with a smooth roll will offer an easy maneuverability along the busy airport terminals or hotel corridors.

The price tags

Finally, the price tags need to be pocket-friendly not to eat up the budget for other things. With numerous web shops these days, it is easy to make a price comparison from various vendors. Avoid the cheap ones as they will tend to disappoint. Go for value for money rather.


Top 5 Attractions In El Nido

Have you ever been to El Nido, Palawan? If not, you do not know what you are missing. This is where the earth meets the heaven. The fun, the sights, the weather and food: all should be enough for you set sail today and be on your way to this earthly paradise. However, before you do that, I want to give more reasons to come here expecting nothing less of perfection and the best lifetime holiday. Top attractions in El Nido are all that you need to be convinced to come here and stay quite longer than you had planned. If you doubt, just continue reading.

Top Attractions in El Nido

Calaan Baykid swimming

If you have never seen the sun rising or setting very near to you, here is the place to be and witness this carefully. That is not all; if snorkeling is your game then here, you can never have enough of it. You can go under water and observe sea life with your naked eyes.

Mike’s Point for surfing

If you have always wanted to surf but never got the place, Mike’s point is your must-visit place. All that you need for thrilling surfing is at your disposal. You came with little or no mastery in surfing, but you will leave a master.

Nightlife at its best

With countless top-end restaurants to wine and dine, your night and day will be like a roll coaster. Of these, the Sky Inn is top of the charts for both food and entertainment. Acoustic bars will be a good choice to see the night crawl into dawn. Sample El Nido Art Café and Sea Slugs and you always want to have one more night here.

The Unique Cuisine

El Nido is famous for its food and drink. It is nothing you have tasted wherever you have been. From Nido Soup to seafood, your appetite will always be at its best. There is a lot to eat and drink, and it will be all nothing you have had before. If you still want to stick with what you know, there is pizza and the other lot of food from every corner of the world.

Nagkalit-Kalit Falls

waterfallPure nature is what makes this place a must-visit for you. Here the falls have a hot spring, and you can have hot shower coupled with a cold-water breeze. Here you can observe nature up close.
You will never go to El Nido and not come back. There is a lot to see and do that you can never exhaust in one visit.

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The Best Tips To Enjoy Your Travel

All work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. This saying is true; you must get time to relax and refreshen up from your daily work. One of the ways to do this is by traveling. Go places where you enjoy nature. Travel to silent places, have fun and adventure.

Tips you may consider:

Where are you traveling to?

BeachThis a question you must get perfect answers before packing your item for the trip. Choose a place where all your needs will be well taken care of. If you are aiming at having some good time to relax, a hotel with body massage and spa is a good option. If you want to have fun and adventure, entertainment area will be good for you. For nature lovers, on the other hand, it will better if you visited natural sites like waterfalls, rivers, caves and beaches.

Plan and prepare things you want

Make a list of all items you are supposed to carry. This will help you not forget. Carry toiletries, personal effects, extra clothes, digital camera, your smart phone and important of all, carry is wise to spare money for your trip. Carry extra amount, so that after spending you will be left with empty pockets. If you are traveling to another country, the budget gets bigger.

A map

This is something you must never forget to carry. It gets easier nowadays because you can use your smart phone in case you forget to carry your map. Use the maps to locate your place of destination and the routes to get you there. If for instance, you planning to go mountain climbing, a map will guide you on the routes to use.

Transportation options

You need to know what means of transport will best get you to your place of destination. Will you go by bus, train, car or flight? Research and get the best means regarding speed and cost. Do not use a means that will get you bored before reaching your place of choice.

Take picture and videos

camp fireThis is one thing you must never forget to do. It is the fun of traveling. Carry digital cameras with high resolutions and pixels for the best photos. If you do not have a camera, a smart phone will do. After your trip share the memories on social media. Your friends and family will be happy to see the places you visited.