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How To Hire A Camping Van

During the holidays there are numerous activities one can consider doing to make their holidays so much fun. Going for camping is such a nice and adventurous experience. However, some things are a must have when going for camping. Some of the necessary things are sleeping bags, a tent and means of transport to get you to your camping site. For transport, one needs to hire a classic camper. There are many transport companies which have camping vans for hire. Here is how to hire a camping van.

Tips when hiring a camping van

Visit the rental company

camper vanThis should be done after one has researched on the various rental companies and has settled on one they feel the best. One should then visit the company and look around at the different camping vans they have. After that, they can single out the model they want and its specifications. They can then settle on one which they feel will be sufficient for them and their camping stuff.

Get all the information you need

One should discuss with the service provider all the information deemed necessary before they take the van. One should get clear information on the model, its fuel consumption, the costs that will be incurred and any other expenses. The provider can also advise them on which van to go for since they are the experts on their vehicles and what they can do.

Do a thorough inspection of the vehicle

One should ensure they inspect the vehicle very well to ensure everything is ok. Check out the interior, the last service dates, confirm when the next service falls to ensure it does not fall on the day which you will have the van. One can also check the air con if it’s working properly. It is also necessary that you confirm whether the van has a GPS system since you will need it in the course of your camping. One should also confirm availability of spare tires, first aid kit among other things. This will save you the additional cost you may have to incur should you find the van has something wrong or something is missing in the car after you hired it.

Confirm the costs which you may have to bear

tent outdoorsApart from the hiring charges, be careful to find out what other charges may be incurred by you when you take the van. Some charges that you will have to incur include the cost of gas and car wash for the days you will have it. Confirm whether there are other additional costs besides the ones that you have been informed. This will also help you work within your budget since you will be aware of what you will be expected to pay.

Ask for a contract

This is a necessary document that you will need to refer to should other things be introduced that you were not aware of. Everything you agree on should be included in the contract. The costs, what you should not do with the vehicle among others. This will save you from paying for something that was not in the contract hence protect you from dishonest dealers.

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Benefits Of Camping To A Person’s Well-Being

The world today is fast moving, men and women are working day in day out to make their financial ends meet. Some people work so hard for money until they forget to take care of themselves. For you to be productive at work, your body must be healthy. Do not overwork your body. At times take a break from your day to day activities. Do something fun and different. Among of the things to help you relax can be camping.

Camping and health

Clean and fresh air

child lying on grassCamping is done outside, near nature. This means one will be breathing fresh air directly from the trees. Studies have shown that an extra intake of oxygen release a chemical that makes the body relax. It stabilizes one’s emotions. Another benefit of outdoor activities is that they enhance the immune system, digestion and improve one’s blood pressure. A lot of people work in an area with polluted air. Hence, camping will be a good way to enjoy and breathe in fresh air after a long week or month of work.

Exercise for the body and brain

This is the most significant part of camping. While out there, people engage in different exercises and activities that are good for the body. Some include hiking and biking. The body will be continuously moving. This helps improving blood circulation and to strengthen the body muscles. Moreover, the brain to is exercised. Puzzles and problem-solving exercises are good for the brain. When you are faced with a difficult situation and an immediate solution needed, the brain is being trained to think and work under pressure.

Reduce stress

Job stress like deadlines, traffic, office work and other duties can wear the individual physically and emotionally. Camping activities are stress-free hence makes you relax and do your thing without pressure. Spending time under the sun is known to reduce the level melatonin in the body. This is a chemical associated with depression, stress, and tiredness.

Bonding, socialization and quality time

family campingCamps are good sites to meet and make new friends. Meeting new people is healthy because you get to learn a new culture, taste new diets and can even learn two or three words from a different language. This is relaxing, right? For families, camping is a good way to spend quality time with loved one and create a stronger bond. Probably you never have time to see and listen to your kids because of busy work schedule. This is the perfect way to reunite and bond as a family.